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  • SK’s Chocolate Milk Tent Debuts!

    Did you catch it on Tuesday? The great folks at Spoonflower have just debuted their first-ever catalog (both in print and online) of wonderful custom fabric offerings.  I designed this Chocolate Milk Tent project exclusively for the catalog debut and you can check it out in all its tasty goodness on page 41!  Plus, my Hungry Monster […]

  • Words, Words and More Words!

    I’ve done it again, creating a couple more word panels for all the feelings swirling around at the moment.  I decided to create them as 18″ x 27″ panels that you can order and get printed  directly through my Spoonflower shop! Yeehaw! Order the Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra substrate to ensure you get the entire […]

  • PURR Pillow Tutorial Time!

    Want to make this most PURRfect pillow for your favorite feline friend? See? I can totally read your mind. Well, head on over to the Timeless Treasures blog now and see how I made it using my brand new Thumbprint Cats fabric! Your cat will love you for it… …or maybe just follow you around demanding […]

  • Happy New Year (Nine Days Later)

    Holy smokes, I feel so behind. I know, I know, we’re a mere 9 days into the new year but you know, that whole holiday – end-of-year – everyone’s schedule is upside-down thing takes a while to right itself sometimes. Plus I have a charming cold that decided to be the cherry on top of […]

  • Road Trip America!

    I went completely overboard on a recent design. The task? Illustrating the theme of of “Highways and Byways”. My solution was to research and depict at least one roadside attraction or monument for each state in the contiguous USA.  And that slowly ballooned into a giant task. I was off and running with my research […]

  • Multiple Versions

    When I’m thinking about a theme to morph into a textile pattern, I usually stick with my first idea. That’s often best because I can all too easily come up with multiple concepts or styles to illustrate a subject (a good and a bad thing sometimes). Although only one of those ideas will typically see […]

  • Taking Breaks

    When you’re busy working on projects and need a break, what do you do? If you’re me, you’ll consider eating chocolate like it’s a qualifying round for the next Olympics, possibly take a nap because the baby needs one and you need to keep him warm (even if it’s summertime), or do more work, but […]

  • Ahoy! A New Pattern!

    In the land of SK Plate-Spinning, I got *one* (only one?!?! grrrr) new thing done. Behold, good people… A sailing-inspired fabric design! It’s called ‘Mariner’s Melody’ and you can see it in all its salt-watery glory here. I entered it in this week’s Spoonflower design challenge and you can go place your votes here! Happy Thursday! […]

  • Back to School Sneak Peek!

    Okay, okay, okay, OKAAAAAAAY already, I can’t wait any longer!!! One of the hardest parts of being a textile designer is keeping a good secret. I’m pretty good at keeping them anyway, but shoot, oh shoot, when I’ve gotten fresh strike-offs in my hot little paws and I’m smiling gleefully from ear to ear knowing what’s […]

  • Fowl Play: A Murder Mystery Toile

    If it weren’t for Spoonflower’s weekly contests that push designers into contemplating subjects they’d never otherwise ponder, I wouldn’t have created a murder mystery toile…ever. Like, never ever. But the seemingly out-of-left-field challenges almost always stir up a really fun exploration. The journey of addressing such peculiar briefs typically yields interesting experiments in how I […]