Shake It, Baby!

Here’s a little something I just finished up. The 2011 Cooking 4 Kids Recipe Contest is being hosted by the fun folks over at They Draw And Cook and I couldn’t pass up the chance to give it a whirl, especially as I had a recent tasty recipe for a cashew shake on hand that was perfect for kids (toddler-approved in our household, so I’m a believer!) and seemed perfect to illustrate just for kicks. Actually, I had done another completely different version a couple weeks ago but I just wasn’t loving the end result, so I had put off finishing it. Done with ink pen and watercolors, the glass perspective and overall scene were different and just not doing it for me. This time around, I switched the overall glass angle and scene, made some things less complicated and others more detailed. I focused on drawing with a lot of whimsy in mind, since it was really just an experiment I was doing for fun. Adding pressure to fun does not make fun happy. Always something to remember. Here, you can see my first draft and the second version in its rough form:

And after a bit more drawing, scanning, and digital color work, here’s my finished entry. Although I didn’t start out enjoying the first version, by the end, I thought it was all pretty fun and I’d definitely do it again. I really love seeing the variety of recipes and the array of illustration techniques used on TDAC. Go check them out and submit an illustrated recipe of your own! Oh and they’ll announce the finalists and winner of the 2011 Cooking 4 Kids Recipe Contest this Thursday so stay tuned! Another really fun project in the bag and I have to thank Amy over at Shiny Orange Dreams for the tip!