New BFFs?

In the middle of all my weekly plate-spinning and juggling routines, I received a hefty package I had been expecting but still wasn’t sure I *needed*. Hahaha, why even ask that really. I don’t reallllllly need it. Not like bread and water. Or chocolate, for that matter.

It’s a new Singer sewing machine and serger. Now, I know, I know, people have an array of favorites and we can all debate which the best machines are out there. But this was a crazy one-day sale with the two together bundled at half their regular price. No. I didn’t *need* a new machine. Shoot, I barely know all the things a serger does, let alot deem myself ready to have one cohabitate with me. Nonetheless, the winded UPS man delivered my giant box (hello, only $5 shipping = happy dance) to my doorstep.  

And no, I haven’t opened it yet. I tend to do this. I stare at the sealed box long enough for it to become an eye sore before fetching the scissors to open the top. It hasn’t been long enough yet and there are so many other things to catch up on, having been away last weekend, that I’m not ready to see my new computerized buddies yet.

Who’s the gal on the left, you ask? That’s Betty. Her name might change, but for now, she’s Betty. Or, to my 3-year old, she’s that scary thing sitting in my bedroom that he wants covered with a blanket so he doesn’t have to see it.  She’s another recent purchase of mine. In this case, I’ve been wanting a dress form for a while but was waiting until we got into a bigger home with an actual studio space for myself before investing. So I wasn’t really ready to get one, but a friend of a friend had this one for sale. It was owned by a lady who did a vast array of professional dressmaking for all body types and kept this in immaculate condition. She had an accident that left her unable to use this or most of her sewing equipment anymore (i.e., her Bernina Activa 130 is for sale; if you’re local to NYC and interested, let me know). Anyway, Betty’s measurements seemed about right (which begs the question, why on earth would I even measure myself and consider this 3 months after having a baby? Madness. Shear madness. I digress.)

I just wanted a basic dress form that works and the fact that she’s a vintage gal is a cool bonus. I love the manual just for it’s font treatment and copy alone. It says right there that this dress form ‘Is The Best Money Can Buy’ after all.

Although I haven’t gotten around to it, I’m hoping to adjust her to my size so I can start fabricating that patternless imaginary skirt that I have finished in my mind. It looks perfect in my head and fits me like a charm, I tells ya. And I’ll use my new machine! And the serger! Even if completely unnecessary! And they’ll become my new bestest friendies forever! Muahaha…

Er, gotta open that box first. At least to check that the contents are what I wanted and not broken. How novel of me. Just double the amount of hours in the day or go ahead and clone me and I’ll get on all of that tout de suite.