SK News: Quiltmaker Magazine’s 100 Blocks

I already knew 2014 would be full of fun, exciting stuff and as things unfold, I’m thrilled to share them with you:

I was invited a few months ago to submit an original design for a quilt block to Quiltmaker Magazine, for possible inclusion in their 100 Blocks series. Well, that lil ol’ block has been picked to be in Quiltmaker’s upcoming vol. 9 of 100 Blocks!

I’m still a newbie to most things quilting-related, so considering this block is literally the second one I’ve ever contemplated, designed and pieced together in my entire life makes this even more thrilling. 

The very first block I made was actually my initial submission idea, and although it did come out the way I wanted, it just seemed a tad boring to me and figured I could do better. So, flying by the seat of my pants, I concocted a new idea, drafted and sewed it up, sent it off to Quiltmaker and now it’s scheduled to debut on May 6 when the next issue of 100 Blocks hits the newsstands.

So what did I make?

Cue the party pooper womp womp sound, because I can’t give any more details on that because, hello, it would be a spoiler alert otherwise!

But hey, that’s a good thing because really, because what’s more fun than a surprise, right?!

Rest assured that when we get closer to May, I’ll be the first one posting about it, so stay tuned!