Happy Valentine’s Day!

What did I do this morning, after waking up to my wonderful husband’s sweet gifts for the children and me? 

Well, after drinking my morning coffee, I realized that I needed to get on with some sort of gifts for everyone because I completely waited until the last minute.

Let me say that I really dislike holidays/celebrations fueled by marketing. I know. I get it. And I don’t like the insincerity or sense of obligation that it often creates in some people. That just makes me sad. So I’ve never really been a big fan unless the expressions of love are unbridled and pure.

And in the case of my guys, and especially my oldest son, it’s so real and so joyous. I mean, come on, when your kid is thrilled to pieces to dress for school in head-to-toe red (yes, even red underwear), you know you’ve got sweet genuine love for the day at hand.

That’s when I really realized I hadn’t gotten my act together.

So after my required coffee and with no consumption of food whatsoever (bad move as I became a grumpy, woozy, almost-barfy sewer as the hours ticked on), I decided to make a couple of heart-shaped pillows for the kids and a carrot cake for my husband.

I still need to make that cake, because I’m now using the tiny spare time I have before school pick-up to write this post. My priorities and time management are quite up the pole today.

So anyway, I made giant fleece heart pillows. Did I stop there? No. I personalized them with neon pink appliquéd letters for each recipient.


Did I stop there? I should have, but I wanted extra pizzazz, so I made (MADE<—read: I’m nuts) my own piping with striped fabric and added that flourish to the mix.


I’m happy they’re done and the kids will love ‘em. For me, I’d just love a nap. Or maybe a sandwich. Why don’t I eat when I should? Don’t answer that.

I know once I go get my giddy boy from school, I’ll get a second wave of love for the day. And that’s good because I plan to enlist his help to get Dad’s surprise carrot cake made.

All handmade and all from the heart; yay to that!

Happy Valentine’s Day!