SK’s Mini Fabric Giveaway Winner ANNOUNCED!

Woohoo, it’s time to announce the winner of my mini fabric giveaway!

First, let me tell you that I really loved reading all your entries. I’m happy to know that my Great Gotham collection is so popular already and brings back great NYC memories for many of you. I’m also happy to hear which fabrics you’d pair together for the Modern Traditional Mini Quilt Challenge and am waiting eagerly to see the entries!

I realized it was too hard to pick a winner because I was smitten with every comment for one reason or another, so I did the next best thing….I enlisted the help of Mister Baby Pants because, frankly, he doesn’t care who wins as long as he gets to be the one to pick out the piece of paper and unfold it.


And the winner is……………….


Terry Maimone! Congratulations, Terry!

And thank you to everyone else who participated! Giant virtual high fives and low fives to all of you! Yay!