Speed Knitting

Sure, it sounds like a professional sport. And it probably is in some circles. But for me, I was racing the clock and more specifically the outside temperature to get this accessory done in time. See, my husband misplaced his winter hat. Who knows, it’s probably somewhere in the house, but when he mentioned that he needed to get a replacement and was considering heading to a box store to get one, my overly-obsessive DIY designer-y self butted in and said, “Now, you just hold on one ding dang moment, pard’ner. You say yer gunna do whut?”  

And that’s when I went into knitting overdrive. Especially after saying, “Oh, I’ll make you one. It’ll only take a couple of days.” Which it would, if I had the spare time I used to have. Next thing you know, a week went by and I had only managed enough time to cast on half of the stitches needed.

Using some yummy Italian cotton yarn, things finally got underway. Like riding a bike, I got back into my knitting groove and the progress started to show…

And last night, I finished it. I based the design on a similar hat I made for my son: a simple striped tube, cinched and stitched shut at the crown. It took me, on and off and on and off again, about 2.5 days to complete. I’m very happy with the results…

And my husband is even more happy. He really likes it and I finished it before the weather drops later this week. Yessss!