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  • Definitely an Annual Favorite

    I made this tree base cover three years ago and still get crazy excited to see it, which is saying a lot considering my fickle tendencies. Three years later and it’s now solidly an annual favorite of mine. The best part is how it makes the tree festive before and after real gifts are placed on […]

  • Holiday Present Blocks! [aka A Wonky Cross Block Hack!]

    Tomorrow is the start of Winter Break and there’s less than a week til Christmas. Gah! One thing I have managed to (almost) finish in the St. Nick of time is this little fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants project I concocted the other week and was dead set on getting done before another year passed. It started with two […]

  • Happy Holidays!

    We were checking out the Vanderbilt Hall Holiday Market at Grand Central Station earlier today, when we spotted a booth selling some really exceptional glass ornaments. Suffices to say, we did not come home empty-handed. Behold our newest ornament! A fun flashy fish hand-picked by The Bub. Maybe we’ll make an ornament addition to our tree […]