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  • The Randomness of Some Days

    You know when you start your day feverishly looking for a pair of your kids shoes that seem to have magically evaporated and not only do you not find them, but you wind up finding yourself randomly seated at your sewing machine, making not one but two window valances to replace the hideous window treatments […]

  • Customer Appreciation: United Love Curtains!

    Want a quick way to spruce up a room? Aside from a good coat of paint, here’s another budget-friendly way to make a new fun space to enjoy. Sara used some of my Mexico Springtime: United Love fabric to dress up some curtains… How cute is that?!?!?! What a fun DIY project! Go check out Sara’s […]

  • Customer Appreciation

    Happy New Year!!! To kick things off right for 2013, I thought I’d post a little customer appreciation, because I love, love, love seeing photos of finished projects and sharing them with you.  Love, I tell ya! I was fortunate enough to receive not one but two emails the other week from happy customers who […]