The Randomness of Some Days

You know when you start your day feverishly looking for a pair of your kids shoes that seem to have magically evaporated and not only do you not find them, but you wind up finding yourself randomly seated at your sewing machine, making not one but two window valances to replace the hideous window treatments you conveniently ignored for the last 6 months in your rental home?

Yeah. That’s what happened to me today.


Goodbye, Grandma Lacy Dust Collector (go on, you can reach for your inhaler to rid yourself of this wheeze-inducing sight). Say hello to at least something that’s new and that’s *mine*!

This is will be going in the bathroom and it’ll at least lift the spirit of the place, even if I can’t rip out all the horrid brown tiling that’s still there surrounding it. 

Hey, baby steps. Baby steps.