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  • Halloween Recycle Craft Project! | Part 1: Rollie Spiders

    Halloween Recycle Craft Project! | Part 1: Rollie Spiders

    For the Rollie Bat tutorial, go here. Rollie Spider fans, read on: For a very long time now, I’ve been pondering ways to reuse those plastic apple cases/carton/whatever they call them, that you buy you apples in from bulk stores like Costco. Ideally, I want the companies that supply them to take them back and […]

  • DIY Subway Wall Art

    A year or so ago, after Spoonflower unveiled a custom decal printing option, I made up an entire alphabet based on the same look the NYC MTA subway system has. Why? Uh, hello, because my children love trains and love the subway, of course. Knowing we would eventually move, I stuck them up temporarily in […]

  • We Gotcha Rip Right Heyah!

    Dear Disney/Pixar/Mattel Marketing People, You really do want to make things more difficult for me, don’t you? Yes, yes, you know your marketing. *golf clap* I know marketing too, having been on the other side of that curtain for years and knowing many of your crafty little tricks for releasing, packaging and jazzifying your products to […]