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  • Toothy Chez Le Dentiste!!

    This just in: Toothy is in France. Repeat. Toothy. Is. In. FRANCE! How awesome is this? I would have been over the moon at simply knowing Toothy the Tooth Fairy has gone international and is now living in France. But guess what? It gets better. According to Aurelie over at Marie Made’s¬†Couleur Machine, her Toothy […]

  • Toothy the Tooth Fairy

    I thought I’d share with you a stuffed toy (or in trendy vernacular, ‘plushie’) idea that I had for Spoonflower’s latest contest, which opens for voting tomorrow. I’ve realized that for practicality’s sake, I really like things with multiple functions. Or even one practical function for that matter. I say this only because otherwise I’d […]