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  • I’ll be at Quilt Market 2016!

    Months of working behind the scenes with soon come together at Quilt Market in Houston this weekend! Come by and say hi! I’ll have lots to post and talk about post-Market, so see you then too! Woohoo!

  • Sneak Peek: Modern Calico

    Hey, hey! In just a few days my latest fabric collection, Modern Calico, makes its debut at the International Quilt Market in Houston. Whether or not you’re attending, I’ve got you covered with this sneak peek: Feast your eyes, fine peeps! Yellow roses, Queen Anne’s Lace, pansies, daisies, lilies, foliage of all sorts and more; […]

  • Zoooooooom!

    Oh, it’s so ON, people. Let’s DO this! *pssst…see another fun sneak peek here at the bottom of the page. Have you seen any pigs flying lately? Oink! Oink!

  • Procrastination: Part 1

    I told myself I’d prep WAY in advance for Quilt Market. *cue the laugh track* In truth, I did, but the final presentable packaging up of all that creative work is not exactly done yet. I had really wanted to be finished early, so I wouldn’t consume myself with worry and anxiousness up until the […]

  • Spotted at Market!

    Did you happen to attend International Spring Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon this last weekend? I wasn’t able to make it but my latest collection for Timeless Treasures was busy showing itself off to all the people who were in attendance. I love seeing all the photos posted online during the event and squealed with […]

  • I (heart) True Up!

    If you don’t know about and follow True Up, you should. It’s the perfect place to get your virtual fabric fix and see the latest of what’s going on in the world of textiles.  I got a sweet mention in yesterday’s installment of True Up’s always reliably awesome Quilt Market redux. You can see it here along […]

  • International Spring Quilt Market is Nigh!

    Any of you happen to be heading to Spring Quilt Market this weekend? You’ve got a fun-filled time in store. Here’s a sneak peek at a little something new of mine you’ll spot over at the Timeless Treasures booth:  A full reveal is sure to be in order once I get more glorious yardage into […]

  • Timeless Treasures: Collections Debut!

    Now that my debut at the International Quilt Market has wrapped up from last weekend, I thought it would be fun to show you two of my collections that you’ll soon be seeing on store shelves near you! Wot, wot? ONLY two?  I don’t mean to tease; these are all I have at the moment. When […]