Procrastination: Part 1

I told myself I’d prep WAY in advance for Quilt Market.

*cue the laugh track*

In truth, I did, but the final presentable packaging up of all that creative work is not exactly done yet. I had really wanted to be finished early, so I wouldn’t consume myself with worry and anxiousness up until the last days. But really, who am I kidding. This is my method.

Even this blog post is part of that procrastination. I just won’t quit distracting myself from my main task. It’s almost laughable. Sweep the floor? Okay! Do laundry? Sure thing! Scrub some grout? I thought you’d never ask!

So Friday evening, I said to myself, “Self, you’re going to bust a move and get your shizzle done for QM, you hear me!?!? I said, DO-YOU-HEAR-ME!?!?!”

…aaaand then I realized the Salvation Army was open until 9:00pm, so logically, I went running out the door like my pants were on fire. Yeah. I know. When a thrift store treasure hunt calls, you drop everything and answer.

After two hours of gleefully forgetting anything else I needed to tend to (did I mention I got to go out *alone* sans kidlets?! Hello, e-x-c-i-t-i-n-g and thank you, Mr. Lovely Husband!), I came home.

…with these bad boys…


No, I have no true need for additional bowls or pie plates in my house. And yes, I already have a yellow, green and blue bowl at home (red, why can’t I find you? You’d complete me. Or the set, at least).

Anyway, I couldn’t pass up hoarding more brightly colored vintage Pyrex goodies. The pink and orange were especially thrilling to spot, even if worn, and the the flamingo-colored pie plate is sure to get good use.

It’s Sunday now as I write this and I’m still living off the glory fumes of Friday night’s score. A tad sad yet really still quite glorious.

But now it’s really time to get on with prep, so quit waving at me, pretty bowls. I have work to do.