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  • Sound the Trumpets!

    WELCOME!!!! (Yep, that’s yelling, happy yelling!) It’s official, fine peeps! Today is the world debut of my new craft book, Sew Adorkable: 15 DIY Projects to Keep You Out of Trouble, and that means it’s time to get rollin’ on the Sew Adorkable Blog Hop Book Tour! What does that even mean exactly? I’m glad you…

  • Cops ‘N’ Robbers Crisscross Box Top: Tutorial

    Hallo, hallo! My Crisscross Box Top tutorial featuring my new Cops ‘N’ Robbers fabric is up on the Timeless Treasures blog today.  A super easy and cute project that I promise won’t consume your entire weekend! Who could ask for more?!

  • PURR Pillow Tutorial Time!

    Want to make this most PURRfect pillow for your favorite feline friend? See? I can totally read your mind. Well, head on over to the Timeless Treasures blog now and see how I made it using my brand new Thumbprint Cats fabric! Your cat will love you for it… …or maybe just follow you around demanding…

  • Tutorial: Note Tote!

    Want a fun little project to make this weekend?  I know, I totally read your mind.  Welllllll, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Tmeless Treasures to see my brand new Note Tote tutorial! YAY!!!

  • Buy Me Now!

    A fitting follow-up to my post yesterday about all the drawing I’m doing, I thought it perfect to share with you today the VERY EXCITING news that you can now purchase one of my new designs right online. Without leaving the house. Like. Right. Now. YAY! As far as my work goes, this is full-on,…