Buy Me Now!

A fitting follow-up to my post yesterday about all the drawing I’m doing, I thought it perfect to share with you today the VERY EXCITING news that you can now purchase one of my new designs right online. Without leaving the house. Like. Right. Now. YAY!

As far as my work goes, this is full-on, non-stop drawing central! It’s my hand-drawn Civil Rights toile and the awesome online fabric shop, Drygoods Design has just gotten it in stock. Especially awesome for teachers, social studies and history buffs, it’s also a great introduction to U.S. history for children everywhere. Plus, I’ve ordered from Drygoods and their super-cute packaging, quick shipment and personal service cannot be beat. A great indie store to support, so go check ‘em out!

P.S. Just spotted: my Sign Language Alphabet is available too!