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  • Fellow Artist Shout-Out Time! Meet Lien Geeroms

    I love my friends. I love meeting new ones. (Get this: I just realized while writing this post that I know at least two embalmers, two folk tale professors and now also a mentalist/magician. Yes people, fascinating professions are everywhere!) Anyway, as time goes on, I am also really cherishing the relationships I have with […]

  • Print & Pattern Kids: Hot Off the Press!!

    Lookie, lookie what’s out in bookstores right now! Debuting this month, Bowie Style has released Print & Pattern’s latest edition of wonderful surface design, this time showcasing kid-centric artwork! Oh, why am I mentioning all this? I’m so glad you asked… Eh-hem. Why, because I’m profiled in this sweet compilation, alongside the likes of Orla […]