Fellow Artist Shout-Out Time! Meet Lien Geeroms

I love my friends. I love meeting new ones. (Get this: I just realized while writing this post that I know at least two embalmers, two folk tale professors and now also a mentalist/magician. Yes people, fascinating professions are everywhere!)

Anyway, as time goes on, I am also really cherishing the relationships I have with fellow visual artists. And if they’re moms too, that’s even better because we instantly *get* each other’s worlds (balancing daily routines with that hardwired insatiable need to create, which feels as vital as breathing at times).

It’s hard to maintain being creative in a vacuum and it’s having a community of like-minded people to bounce ideas off of and feel (even if imaginarily so) accountable towards that helps keep the creativity going all around. I think so, anyhow.

Anyway, a fundamental personal guideline of mine is to support that community of friends whenever I can. We’re all in this together and tooting each others horns just makes the party even bigger, louder, stronger and happier.

So on that note, I want you to know about Lien Geeroms.

I simply adore her work. It’s got the type of quirkiness and visual play that I never tire of. I could probably eat some of her artwork if she handed it to me on a plate, it’s so good.

Now here’s the bigger thing about Lien: she’s currently one of 50 semi-finalists in Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search, which is a great accomplishment in itself, but we’re hoping she can bust through to the final round. That means being one of just 6 artists from that pack of 50 to make the final cut. I’m cheering her to the finish line and it all comes down to the voting public.

So if you have a chance and you love Lien’s work as much I as do, please make yourself heard and go vote for her semi-finalist entry now!

Oh, you heard me. NOW! (<–to be read in Mom Voice). 

Woohoo! Go Lien, go!!