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  • Zoooooooom!

    Oh, it’s so ON, people. Let’s DO this! *pssst…see another fun sneak peek here at the bottom of the page. Have you seen any pigs flying lately? Oink! Oink!

  • Did Someone Say “Fabric Sale”??

    I need more fabric like I need rabies. . . . …um, so I got a stash of fabric the other day. What? Fine, whatever. Judge me. But I couldn’t resist the potential of scoring at the annual More Than Just a Yardage Sale hosted by the Textile Museum of Canada. Turns out, it’s a two […]

  • Ahoy! A New Pattern!

    In the land of SK Plate-Spinning, I got *one* (only one?!?! grrrr) new thing done. Behold, good people… A sailing-inspired fabric design! It’s called ‘Mariner’s Melody’ and you can see it in all its salt-watery glory here. I entered it in this week’s Spoonflower design challenge and you can go place your votes here! Happy Thursday! […]

  • Fowl Play: A Murder Mystery Toile

    If it weren’t for Spoonflower’s weekly contests that push designers into contemplating subjects they’d never otherwise ponder, I wouldn’t have created a murder mystery toile…ever. Like, never ever. But the seemingly out-of-left-field challenges almost always stir up a really fun exploration. The journey of addressing such peculiar briefs typically yields interesting experiments in how I […]

  • Timeless Treasures: Fresh New Designs | Part Three!

    To round out the week, here’s the final reveal in a three-part installment of my latest designs, now out with Timeless Treasures. Voila!  Representing some of Mother Nature’s best examples of, you guessed it, Black & White Wildlife!   And really, can you go wrong with a black and white print? I think not! So hop […]

  • ‘Good Drawing Hand’ Days

    Well, alrighty then. I think this time it’s fairly safe to say that I really did fall into a hole. A drawing haze of a hole. I’ve been working on a couple commissions along with new textile designs and have simply fallen into a sketching and drawing and using-up-of-ink-pens haze. I’ve got a stack of almost, […]

  • Strike!

    I’m SO excited to reveal a new design that just debuted at Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City last month. Remember this tease? Well, be incensed with me no longer, for the dangling carrot has been removed from its string and is now being handed to you in all its Big Lebowski glory: I’m very […]

  • Timeless Treasures: Collections Debut!

    Now that my debut at the International Quilt Market has wrapped up from last weekend, I thought it would be fun to show you two of my collections that you’ll soon be seeing on store shelves near you! Wot, wot? ONLY two?  I don’t mean to tease; these are all I have at the moment. When […]