Did Someone Say “Fabric Sale”??

I need more fabric like I need rabies.




…um, so I got a stash of fabric the other day. What?

Fine, whatever. Judge me.

But I couldn’t resist the potential of scoring at the annual More Than Just a Yardage Sale hosted by the Textile Museum of Canada.


Turns out, it’s a two day event eagerly anticipated by many people who, usually nice and demure, get their “Fileen’s Basement” sale behavior on, elbowing, shoving past and grabbing at as much juicy fabric they can.

I knew the sale started at 11am on Friday and heard later that there was a line out front and at least one woman who was taking more than her fair share of some fabrics, pushing otherwise docile Canadians into yelling at her for taking more than she should and not leaving anything for others.

I would have loved to have seen that go down, but was more than happy to have missed the chaos.

Instead I chose to meet up with my friends Michelle and Steff at a civillized 4pm, after all the mayhem had died down.

I’ll show you what I walked away with in a minute, but first I thought you might like to see just a few of the gems that I, shockingly, left behind.

I’ve been paying extra attention lately to only buying things I’ll actually use, so the things that fascinate me but fall outside of that  "use & need" realm, get captured photographically…


I actually really wanted this needlepoint book on classic cars. It was truly awesome and I held onto it for awhile. But I know full well that I’d buy it and it would sit there on my shelf for another 15 years.

This is all aside from the fact that I’ve had zero interest in needlepoint and, I ain’t gonna lie, just wanted someone else to whip these up *for* me. (read: zero patience as well).


I just loved this book for its cover.

It was a book on silk-screening and seemed to have been produced in the late 60s. The inside was filled with yellowed pages of black and white text and photos. I think if there had been more riveting content, this would have made it home.

But I’m perfectly fine just staring at this picture of the cover pattern. I love it.


Behold. Seriously. Just behold this.

My friend Michelle spotted it and although there was no way in crocheting hell that I was going to purchase this, it was a clear winner in the OMG, Take a Picture of T-H-I-S! category.

So what did I come away with?image

This great little stack, some binding business and zipper action! All for just about $5 buckaroos total!!

Most of it came from under the scrap tent where a volunteer was selling $2 dollar plastic bags that we could fill to our hearts content.

Steff and I shared that loot bag and shoved tightly wadded up pieces into it until its tiny plastic molecules screamed for mercy. Listen people, we are ruthless when we need to be.

I especially love the Italian cotton velvets and that red/linen floral jacquard print (which is interesting because I don’t usually go for reds or really florals for that matter).

Although I do not care for animal prints either, I couldn’t pass up on that tiny swatch of leopard-esque fuzziness. It might just make its way onto a pair of kid pants in dire need of a knee patch. R-A-W-R!!!!

End result of the day: big score and I’ll do it again. I never learn. And clearly I want rabies. Okay no. Just more luscious fabric to drown in. That’s not going too far, is it?