Timeless Treasures: Package at the Door!

An unexpected package was brought to me this morning by the awesome UPS dude. Hmmm…

Do-dee-dooo, let’s see what’s inside…

OMG, OMG, OMG, it’s my YARDAGE of my first batch of Timeless Treasures designs! Woohoo! Backwards happy dance in the kitchen with a half full cup of coffee. It looks so juicy, I wanted to get in the box and cover myself in it. 

Let the fabric hoarding begin continue!!

This is the best part. The selvage. If you don’t know what the selvage is, it’s that part of the fabric most folks tend to ignore or cut off as soon as possible. Sure, it’s the finished edging of the fabric. But it’s also my favorite part at the moment…

My name! My name! Spelled perfectly and all (I’d expect nothing less of the cracking team at Timeless Treasures; it’s just that my life has notoriously been filled with misspelt variants of my name.) Nailed it! Love it!

Great way to start the day. I’m chuffed and jazzed and stoked and *fill in your favorite happy term here*!

Now I just need to find a place to put it all while I plot what I’m going to make. 😀