Tulle, Tutus and a Giant Ghost

Well, I’m back from Quilt Market and had a truly spectacular experience. It deserves it’s own post, so you’ll have to wait until next week when I get back into the swing of things and I’ll share some fun stuff with you.

Until then, I wanted to mention that the fantastic Fabric Fairy struck again the other week and I was the lucky recipient of a gigantic bag full of, this time, tulle.


I arrived home to see it sitting there waving at me on my front door step in all its deceptively-heavy-looking-but-light-as-a-feather glory.

I’ve never been around this much tulle in my entire life. I was never into ballet or tutus growing up, and my wedding dress was a silk sari, so up until now, it seems I missed those most pivotal times in life to have been surrounded by copious amounts of this fabric equivalent of baby’s breath. 

Until now.

The bag consisted of scraps and off-cuts from a bridal boutique and was given to me to do whatever the heck I wanted! Woohoo!

So first thing I did was offer to make two tutus in exchange for my fortune. I attempted to enlist the help of my eldest child, because clearly that would make things easier for getting the hemline balanced all the way around.



As in, CLEARLY a giant goofball in a tutu, too busy attempting sofa headstands and laughing his face off to stand still for me.

After he half-modeled it for me, I figured I’d get the help of Mister Baby Pants.


He was a bit more helpful, in that he didn’t move around like crazy. But then again, he wasn’t too interested in standing up for me and his ever-present dinosaurs kept getting their tails and mouths entangled in the tulle. Hazards of the work place.


In the end, I threw the tutu onto my trusty dress form and found myself in the wee hours of the morning, trimming the hem like a wild woman. I kept trimming and trimming and trimming and slowly realized I wasn’t going to stop (hello, because it’s about as fun to as as trimming your doll’s hair shorter and shorter and shorter when you were a kid).

I finally called it a day and gave it to the happy recipient a couple days later.

Then I had a brainstorm just in time for Halloween and dug out another mound of tulle, this time the coarser style, and got to work…

…because this…


…plus this…


…with a dash of this…


…equals this!!!!…



I first thought to wrap the tree (see pic above with my trusty little helpers) but then decided that draping giant swaths of the tulle crisscross over it would work just as well, as it’s an evergreen and its prickly branches would gladly cling to Ghostie.

With the help of the hot glue gun and some black craft foam, Ghostie was ready to ring in Halloween.

I also got reports from neighbors that Ghostie had a magical way of glowing in the morning sun which put a smile on their faces. Bonus!

A BIG thank you to the Fabric Fairy! Now, to plot the next tulle adventure…