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  • Trick-or-Treat Gesso Paint Can: Sewing Instructions

    Trick-or-Treat Gesso Paint Can: Sewing Instructions

    If you’ve been over to Spoonfower recently, you’ll have been introduced to my L’Artiste Paint Palette Halloween Costume: And now here in this post, you can find the sewing instructions for the accompanying L’Artiste Gesso Paint Can trick-or-treat bag! Because we can’t forget the candy collecting! Here’s how to assemble your very own: 1.   […]

  • Awkward Animal Portraits Series: Seasonal Special Edition

    Awkward Animal Portraits Series: Seasonal Special Edition

    If you’ve been following along with our Awkward Animal Portraits (AAP) quilt pattern series, you’ll know we’re now ready to humanely release our October creature, and in true nocturnal partying weekend style, a certain someone is oh-so-fashionably late, but as we know, better late than never. So without further delay, please welcome our first Seasonal Special […]

  • Halloween Recycle Craft Project! | Part 2: Rollie Bats

    Halloween Recycle Craft Project! | Part 2: Rollie Bats

    If you missed it the other day, I posted Part 1: Rollie Spiders, which is an alternative way to recycle these same plastic apple cartons I’ve been mildly obsessed with wanting to reuse. Suffice to say, I was very pleased to come up with not one but two ways to repurpose those darn things before […]

  • Halloween Recycle Craft Project! | Part 1: Rollie Spiders

    Halloween Recycle Craft Project! | Part 1: Rollie Spiders

    For the Rollie Bat tutorial, go here. Rollie Spider fans, read on: For a very long time now, I’ve been pondering ways to reuse those plastic apple cases/carton/whatever they call them, that you buy you apples in from bulk stores like Costco. Ideally, I want the companies that supply them to take them back and […]

  • Vampire Movie Night: Sneak Peek!

    Lookie, lookie what’s coming out this month! That’s right, my little popcorn inhalers, it’s Vampire Movie Night! Finally, a fabric you can really sink your teeth into! Mwahahahaha! Don’t know where to get it? Go to your fabric fabric shop and specifically request it. That’s the best way to let your shop owner know you […]

  • My Personal Halloween Review

    Halloween was SO last week, but I’m still going to post my highlights about it because this Mama worked hard and there needs to be a faint tooting of her rusty horn before we move on to things seemingly current. Mmmmkay? Mmmmkay. First up, The Bub’s costume of choice this year. You see, he wanted to […]

  • Tulle, Tutus and a Giant Ghost

    Well, I’m back from Quilt Market and had a truly spectacular experience. It deserves it’s own post, so you’ll have to wait until next week when I get back into the swing of things and I’ll share some fun stuff with you. Until then, I wanted to mention that the fantastic Fabric Fairy struck again the […]

  • Hurricane Sandy & Halloween

    I am incredibly fortunate to say that my family and I were unscathed by the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. Dear friends of ours in Breezy Point were not so lucky as their family home burnt to the ground. My heart goes out to them along with everyone else who has suffered from this storm. On […]