New Posters: Defending DACA

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the march posters of our lives….

Yep, fine friends, it’s time once again for a new freshly-baked round of posters.

Here’s the latest batch:


1. No Human Is Illegal

2. Education Not Deportation

3. The Power Of The People Is Greater Than Then People In Power

4. ¡Sí Se Puede!

Same rules apply as with my other posters, which are all my original artwork and intellectual property:

Printing: They are each formatted to be 18″ x 24″ in size, so feel free to print them that large or size them down if needed. (Staples has an 18×24 poster printing option at their store, fyi.)

Usage: These posters are free for personal use only and not for resale or profit in any way; use them in good faith and please credit me whenever possible.  If you do walk with one of my signs, please send me photos of you in action! (Email photos to:

I’d love to see pics and repost/share them if you print and march with them! Be well and continue to spread support and strength!

xox -sk