Button Down the Hatches!

It’s Friday and Hurricane Irene is making her way up toward my neck of the woods (we just said farewell to an unexpected earthquake earlier this week.) She’ll be here tomorrow night. I hope to have the place nice and tidy with some tea ready for her arrival.  In the meantime, I plan on distracting myself with, among other things, the new fabric I received today from Drygoods Designs Online. Did I NEED more fabric? No. Do I NEED another project to work on? Truly, no.

But just LOOK how yummy it is (plus there’s cute packaging with a pixie stick to boot!)…

I’m hoping to make a skirt for myself out of the zig zag, possibly with the help of the vintage dress form I scored a few weeks back. Maybe I’ll name her Irene. The other fabrics I don’t know about yet. And really, just like Irene, we’ll have to wait and see what, if anything, will actually happen.  

There are lots of beautiful flowers in my neighborhood and I wondered today about what would still be there come Monday morning. I’ll have to check back and get an ‘after’ photo, if anything eventful takes place. In the meantime, let’s hope everyone and everything is as safe as possible and misses Irene’s wrath. As the week comes to an end and because I like keepin’ it crafty, I plan to button down the hatches instead. 😀 We’ll see where that leads me and if I’ll be lucky enough to check anything off my creative to-do list. I’ll shoot for just staying as dry as possible first. Happy weekend!