Weekly Wrap Up

Man, oh man. It’s Friday already and the week has flown by. This time, I’m finding myself on the more exhausted side. Along with textile designing and my regular design freelancing, I’ve also been taking on some fun logo work as well. Needless to say, I’m ready to slow down a bit and recharge. Yippee for the long weekend ahead! 

First off, I should say that we survived Hurricane Irene with very little if any harm done. Very lucky, I’d say. I was more than happy to be safe than sorry with all the provisions made by the mayor of our fair city. We did have a ceiling leak and I did slip on wet playground equipment on Sunday and scabbed up my knee (go ahead and laugh). Aside from that we’re fine. Looks the little garden area I showed you on Friday also didn’t fair too poorly either. Here’s the before/after shots showing barely any difference:

And a few more photos of our post-Irene neighborhood:

Like I said, this has been a non-stop week. I’d have preferred to have given you my Irene update earlier and then saved this post for a mini Timeless Treasures update, but alas, you get it all in one today. You’re welcome.


On Tuesday I went to Soho with Mister Baby Pants to visit the lovely folks at Timeless Treasures. Along the way, I found some entertaining things, namely some way-too-tight-highwaters-and-I-think-this-trend-should-stop-now pants along with some sidewalk chalk drawing in action, which ended up looking more like another commentary on tight black pants, thanks to photographing while walking quickly…

Arriving at the office with a wide-awake Mister Baby Pants, I brought along a new batch of designs and had a great time talking to everyone at TT.  I’m absolutely loving this new world I’m in. While baby went off to Snoozeville, we reviewed my strike-offs which had just arrived. What can I tell you? THRILLING!!! It was so fun to see everything printed up and hello, bonus, my name is spelled perfectly on the selvage! I don’t have any fabric photos to share as it’s a bit too soon and the oven is still a-cookin’. But soon, my friends, soon. I really think you’re going to like this collection and I can’t wait to show you more.

I leave you today with the odd purchases I made after leaving my meeting. Oh Pearl River, how you lure me in every time. Checkered toed-socks, check! Triceratops ice cube tray, check! Training chopsticks for kidlets, check!

On a gleeful high, I’m clearly prone to buy just about anything. If only I had channeled my excitement into giving out free hugs or something….but I have to tell you, I am IN LOVE with my wacky it-looks-like-three-cups-but-its-really-one cup. My 3-year old finds it hilarious too, so I hereby declare it a perfect buy. Happy holiday weekend!