Cards for Ethan

I don’t usually like to post about horrid hard news here, but there is good stuff we can focus on in this case:

Five-year old Ethan, who was kidnapped 6 days ago in Alabama, has been rescued safely from his captor just a matter of hours ago. His 6th birthday is this week and a request has been put out for people to send “Cards for Ethan,” showing him love and support. 


This is my *very quickly done* contribution (technically, it’s a mess, so don’t judge it too closely cuz mama’s tired and should really go to bed).

The request also asks that senders make note of what city and state the card is coming from so Ethan can enjoy this influx of positivity from all over. Er, I need to add that to my card.

So if you have time, please join me and send something fun for this little child who’s just been through something so terrible. Hopefully we can help brighten his day.

Here’s the address:

Cards for Ethan
Napier Field Police Department 
c/o Lt. McDaniel 
400 Headquarters Street 
Napier Field, Alabama 36303


 UPDATED 02-05-13: With happy daylight shining in, I made my last few adjustments to Ethan’s card…


Hearts, hearts everywhere and this NYC robot is officially in the mail and on his way to greet Ethan! Yay!