Back to School Sneak Peek!

Okay, okay, okay, OKAAAAAAAY already, I can’t wait any longer!!!

One of the hardest parts of being a textile designer is keeping a good secret. I’m pretty good at keeping them anyway, but shoot, oh shoot, when I’ve gotten fresh strike-offs in my hot little paws and I’m smiling gleefully from ear to ear knowing what’s in the production hopper, it’s really hard not to run around wildly showing everyone what’s next.

If only I could learn to do those hop-in-the-air-and-kick-your-heels-together thingies and I’d exhaust my boundless enthusiasm that way.

But as every other textile designer will tell you, you’ve just got to wait until debut time. And folks, now’s that time…time to go Back to School!

Yup, it’s my new collection for Timeless Treasures and I think you’re gonna like it…



Oh, you want to see a bit more of what you can get by the end of this month? Well, okay, let’s have a closer look, shall we?!


First up, we all know you can’t do a darn thing at school without supplies.

Fine, yes, you’re right. Technically there are things you can still do, like make random hand shadow puppets in front of the overhead projectors, I know, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m referring to the time-honored tradition of fulfilling that new class list at each summer’s end; a ritual that’s known oh-so-well to both young and old.

I don’t know if brass brads are on kid’s lists anymore these days but they were on mine! Along with those hole-punch reinforcement sticker thingies. Old-skool, baby. Old-skool.


Celebrating mathematics like it’s nobody’s business, this fabric is sure to help you brush up on your knowledge of Mobius Strips and Klein Bottles.

Oh, you weren’t awake during that part of class? *crickets*

Well, breathe easy, good people, because now you can safely fill in those blanks just in time to dazzle your dorkiest friends and have them claim you as their own.

You’re welcome.



Also known as Barter & Trade 101. Either way, this is seriously yummy business.

My high school Biology/Physics teacher once told us that when she was a kid, she’d be given a giant slice of Spam sandwiched between two heel pieces of bread which was then put into an enormous crumpled brown shopping bag for her to take to school.

In school, I often had peanut butter and lettuce sandwiches or Vegemite and cheese, which would inevitably bring an “Ewww, what IS that?!?” exclamation right as I’d be taking my first bite. Good times. Good times.

Listen people, these things fortify character. Stay strong and eat what you darn well please and let the haters be haters! They’ll just have crumbly bones and a pea-sized noggin rolling around in their cavernous craniums from too much garbage-intake anyway.

Food for thought is good for school!


Cursive! Script! Good old-fashioned handwriting!

Mark my words, this is one fabric that’s got F-U-N written all over it.

Forget texting. Pick up a juicy pen and start swirling and curling your way to beeeee-autiful penmanship.

I, for one, plan to hoard gobs of this fabric until I can sort out exactly what to make with it. The ideas are endless, I tells ya.


The wheels on the bus go…all over the darn place!

Around here, over there, picking up you and your friends. Getting you and said friends to The Epicenter of All Things Smarts-Related and then shuttling you all safely home again home for your daily Homework First, Then Playtime extravaganza.

Remember, kids, don’t hassle your bus driver and always be courteous. I can barely handle parallel-parking with two screaming kids in the back of my small car, let alone the thought of chartering the high asphalt seas in an echo-y yellow monolith filled to the brim with Youth Energy. Oi. No thanks.

Thank you, school bus drivers. Thank you.


There we have it, ladies and gentlemen. How was that for a fun ride? Look out for this yummy Back to School collection starting at the end of this month, and remember, if you don’t see it in your local shop, demand it!

Courteously, of course…and followed by a warm and cheery “Say, did you know a Klein Bottle possesses no orientable surfaces?”