Serviettes for Supper! (aka Napkins for Noshing!)

Just in time for the release of my Illumination collection, I wanted to share with you a little fast project (cuz I’m all about fast lately) I made recently as a gift for a friend.


Some really pretty, festive and fun serviettes! Servi-whaaa? Well, that’s the general term I used growing up, although I’ve just learned that it specifically refers to only the paper variety and “napkin” refers to cloth.

My brain still somehow thinks “serviette” sounds more swanky (and come on, it’s fun to say), so I’m sure to continue using it incorrectly. So what.


One side is the Rose Window pattern


…and the other is the all-over stained glass pattern!

So they can be dressed up or dressed down a bit depending on the side chosen and they’ll always be snazzy and reusable at the same time.


And guess what? Much like a casino or movie theatre floor where the carpet is a wild array of hues, these patterns do a good job at camouflaging any tough stains that refuse to leave the party. Yesssss!


If memory serves, I believe I made these a hearty 16" square. A cocktail-sized version and maybe even drink coasters would be sweet too. Somebody stop me!

If nothing else has inspired you to learn the fine art of serviette-er-napkin folding, making yourself a set of these just might push you over that edge. I know I spent more than enough time flipping and folding them before realizing I should stop or seek counseling.


And although they got sent away to live in Wisconsin, I plan to recreate some for my personal collection.

With a tablecloth to match!

Now that’s some fun you can wipe your mouth on. But not the tablecloth. That’s just barbaric.

Serviettes, yes and even napkins, for all!