What’s Messier: My Studio or My Mind?

I think it’s a tie. Nope, nope, actually, I think SK Brain wins for Most Messiest Possession.

I have so much going on at the moment that I can’t think straight. Designs and projects and emails and whatever else I need to keep up with.

My studio isn’t in top shape yet either. *Collective gasp.* I know, I know. I’ve slowly brought things out from boxes and really haven’t tended to organizing things completely before plopping myself down at my desk and carrying on with my to-do list.

I’m so used to not having a studio space that this is working perfectly fine, although it’s not the most inspiring to look at. First off, the room is a hideous baby blue, thanks to former tenants. I have a can of white paint to cover it, but it was delivered after my shelves and furniture were put in place, so I’m lazily ignoring the fact that I have to move everything out of the way to paint. Between you and me, I’m not sure if I’ll actually do it or not. We’ll see.

Until then, there are at least small vignettes in my room that are pleasing to look at, so I’m just focusing on those for now…


These guys are from my childhood. After rediscovering them and finding a shelf to put them on, Mister Baby Pants has taken a liking to them, so they’re now on a lower shelf where he can reach them and walk around with one in each hand for as long as his heart desires.


A top shelf assortment of odd things I’ve collected. My big S goes everywhere I do, but come to think of it I need a K to match. *I’m looking at you, eBay.* P.S. Ignore that baby blue wall. Repeat: Ignore that baby blue wall.


An impromptu stack of yummy fabrics that are waiting to be whipped into a finished project. Magically would be nice, but otherwise, when time allows.


The only thing on my desk aside from an unsightly stack of drawings and other papers and my laptop. Oh no, these are certainly not all the pens I own but they’re my current favorites.

That’s about all the current excitement there is in here, which makes me realize I need to get on with sorting and arranging things. I’ll leave that til tomorrow, since today is my birthday and the sunshine is calling my name. Woohoo!

Happy Friday, good people!