Etsy Craft Party 2012: Redux

Mission: Etsy Craft Party 2012*
Location: Sunnyside, Queens, New York City
Verdict: Success! (and I’m still exhausted)

Seriously, I’m still recuperating from it all. Because of that and that I’m not feeling especially verbose at the moment, I’d like to share with you a photo-heavy/text-light redux of our grand affair. 

*Oh, and for anyone who’s still not quite sure what all this Etsy Craft Party hullaballoo is all about, here’s an introduction to what this awesome annual global event is all about.


Okay, let’s get this one out of the way first. Here is the only photo with me in it (as I was behind the camera the rest of the time). Let’s just focus on the 5-pocket craft tool belt I made myself the night before (hello, with carabiner loops to hang stuff like scissors from. I love it, especially with a skirt that doesn’t have pockets. I love pockets. I need pockets). Also, kindly note Mister Baby Pants, who’s wondering what all the commotion is about.

Now, moving on…

It took quite a while to spread out all our wonderful goodies provided graciously by Michaels. I think I missed getting a good photo of everything before attendees had at it, but you get the idea.

Our brainstorm to have a Materials Swap Table was a hit, for both people leaving stuff and those ready to find a treasure or two. I’m proud to say I came home with about a fifth of what I had brought to giveaway (yay for purging!).

I think just about everyone felt like a kid in a candy craft store.

Grandparents, parents and children were all getting crafty together. It was awesome to watch unfold.

A crafty mom and daughter pair working intently side-by-side. I love how focused they are.

Supplies were mixed in from both the Michaels stash and the swap table, making for some really great craft pieces.

This little boy was able to fashion himself an impromptu Incredible Hulk costume, as he told me, from some mint fleece (thank goodness it was a cool summer day), a couple of upholstery swatches and safety pins. <— Ingenious idea to craft whilst in costume, young man!

People were very busy and very independently motivated to make, make, make!

I meant to get a headcount of attendees, but there were just too many things going on and I forgot. Let’s just say there were gobs of people!

To fold in this year’s Etsy theme of “Wish You Were Here,” I asked folks to bring a New York City paper subway map to incorporate into their work.

We pretty much lost the theme by the end and most everyone was just making whatever the heck they wanted, off-roading into craft oblivion, which was perfectly wonderful and yielded great results.

Lots of intense crafting going on…

Great attention to detail…

Finished projects begin to reveal themselves…

Without my knowing it, my mom had set The Bub up with double Etsy button flare on each shirt sleeve to match his Etsy sticker chest emblem. Lookin’ sharp!

More intense work going at each of the six tables. This particular canning jar was being made into a piggy bank. <— Great idea, N.!

Looking for just the right finishing touches…

Brand new scissors and brand new paper to cut into; you can’t beat that…

Another great pair working together…

The travel journals were especially popular and personalizing them was an intricate affair…

Hello, you know you can’t have a party without party hats, right? There were plenty made and modeled at this shindig…

A great selection, using paper and tape.

I learned how to make a really simple one about 15 years ago, using 2-3 sheets of paper and some masking tape and was happy to share it again at Friday’s party.

Here’s an online tutorial for it;  I highly recommend making one for yourself sometime (a great rainy day project).

More hats! These boys have style…

More attendees with the fruits of their labor…

Concentration, especially among the youngest, was a thrill to see…

So many craft goodies to be used…

This little boy’s mom told me she’d never seen him sit this still for so long for anything before. Bead-threading was his clear calling for the day. <— Way to go, R.!

More work on display…

The impromptu costuming bug strikes again, this time with a paper gift bag hat and giant fabric toga-shall-wrap number from the swap table.

Another great finished piece, this time incorporating great swap table finds with some from the Vintage Postcard project.

One crafting project even made its way into the multipurpose land of also fulfilling a homework assignment. That teacher had better be impressed when this is turned in!

The Bub, in action. He got frustrated that the stickers weren’t sticking well enough. Um, we’ll contact to the manufacturers about that, okay, little guy? 🙂

One of the awesome Timeless Treasures fabric stashes, resting comfortably with its new owner’s personal effects.

I didn’t get any photos of the actual fabric bundle giveaways (as I was the one giving them away, with the help of many eager kids who drew the winning names out of a jar for me).

I can tell you that the winners were all super-thrilled with the fabrics they scored!

More great interpretations of the Travel Journal project…

My personal favorite interpretation of the Message in a Bottle project! <—You rocked it, H.!

I couldn’t resist including this photo. Possible captions include, “My kid beat up your craft project,” and “Got crafting fatigue?”

…and the true message that only a mama could read was, “Could we please go home now?”

He’s right. Because after 5 hours onsite and all the time prior, prepping additional project ideas, sending out email blasts, receiving and hauling the giant (they were awesome, Michaels, don’t get me wrong, but they were giant) complimentary craft supplies from our home to the park and setting everything up for a craftin’ good time, we were D.O.N.E.

I’m absolutely thrilled with the turnout. I love the projects made and the fun that was had. I dispensed of materials I no longer needed and came home with fewer and more coveted things. We upcycled and shared supplies that would otherwise have gone to waste and everyone, young and old, got a chance to let their minds wander for a bit and have some creative imagination take over. 

You can’t go wrong with that.

Thanks to Etsy, and especially Julie, for hooking me up with the fixings for a stellar event.

Funnily, people weren’t even out of the park yet before talking about my hosting another one next year or even sooner, so you know there are thirsty crafty folk out there wanting more. The adults enjoyed it and in our case, as I don’t know that most Etsy Craft Parties are necessarily geared towards children, the kids had a blast too.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll throw a bash like this again, but that’s probably because I’d rather take a nap at the moment than think about it. Give me a few months and you might be able to convince me. 🙂

So while I go have myself a mission-accomplished celebratory sleep, tell me… if you’re a neighbor of mine, did you attend my party? How did you like it? What did you think of the projects? The supplies? Highs? Lows? Good times? Bad? Did you laugh? Did you cry? Would you do it again?

Anyone else out out there attend an Etsy Craft Party somewhere in your home town? How was it?

Check out all these great photos from the parties other folks hosted worldwide!

Let’s have one final round of virtual applause for crafting and creativity! Great job, everyone! 🙂