What’s On Your Nightstand?

I used to read a fair amount before having kids. Like actual novels, whatever those are.

Now for the most part, I’m busy doing other things up until bedtime. And when that time comes, I pretty much pass out. 

But within the last year, I’ve gotten a few great textile books that I love to thumb through right before turning out the lights. Because I typically do an intense round of creative brainstorming right in those moments of slipping into slumber, visually juicy books like these really help spark new waves of thought.

I have a few new ones on my wish list, but a couple that seem to have reserved spots on my nightstand longer than others are Kim Kight’s A Field Guide to Fabric Design and Meller/Elffers’ compilation of 200 years of textile design.

Good inspirational stuff. What books are on your nightstand?