Etsy Craft Party 2012 Eve

I decided not too long ago that I wanted to get in on the fun and host my own local Etsy Craft Party in conjunction with Etsy’s global event that’s put on every year. This year’s theme is ‘Wish You Were Here’ and the worldwide crafting party goes into full swing tomorrow, August 24.  

In preparation, I’ve been compiling a variety of project ideas for those folks who might want a creative brainstorm kickstart. Attendees will come in all ages and skill levels, and we’ll be crafting outdoors for a few hours at a local park. Plus we’ll have a craft materials swap table, so it’s a great time to unload those unwanted scraps and trade them for something more exciting. I took the opportunity to purge unwanted gift wrap and stationery I know I’m never going to use but someone else is sure to want.

I’ll also be giving away some sweet fabric bundles, courtesy of Timeless Treasures, including a juicy set of my latest yet-to-debut designs. Very exciting stuff!

Thanks to my lovely UPS delivery dude, I received four big heavy boxes of complimentary craft supplies for the event. And thanks to a new cool trolley cart thingy we have, I was able to maneuver all the crafty loot from my neighbor’s home to mine, as she graciously received them on my behalf.

Each box was excitingly labeled with loud neon clues about its contents.

I was hoping our attendance numbers would qualify us for enough supplies for Project 1. And maaaaybe Project 2.

But we actually had enough people RSVP for the event to qualify for three, THA-REEEEEE different projects. “Three, ah-ah-ah!,” as the Count would say.

And by the looks of what I spied in the first box I opened, we’re going to be in for an exciting good time! I was floored by all the twinkly, sparkly packages of brand new shiny things, all provided courtesy of Etsy event co-sponsor, Michaels.

So stay tuned, because the party is tomorrow and I’ll be posting a rundown of how it all went, once I’ve recuperated from all that Etsy Craft Party bliss.

Wish me luck!