Figment 2012

I’m totally wiped out (yeah, I know it’s Tuesday morning, but still) from a grand day out on Sunday to see Figment, an open-air art event that takes over otherwise-sleepy Governors Island for two days every year. It was logistically a bit hairy at times, with the whole family in tow and two ferry rides to take to get there.

And there were oh, just a slight few other folks (approx. 25,000 people when it was all said and done) who joined us for the journey. This is the ferry from Manhattan to Governors Island.

After a small hike up the hill, we were greeted with a fairly straightforward declaration.

Attendees were encouraged to bring art and come along in costume. I wondered about fulfilling the latter, for half a second pondering The Bub’s last Halloween costume that he loved so much. However, on second thought, I not only didn’t want to lug one more thing with us (we’re a small traveling circus as is) but it was going to be very hot and sunny out, and that would make any fish miserable, let alone a little child in a fish costume.

So I skipped it and left the fun costuming to other people. That bulbous pink rump was hilarious, especially in motion.

Funny how some of the most interestingly-dressed people were the ones taking photos of everything else (yes, the guy in the striped socks is staring me down, hahaha).

And in case you were wondering, riding on your dad’s shoulders comes in very handy if you ever want to high-five a green vision on stilts. 

Speaking of handy, huge inflatable hands anchored in the grass really do compel people to put their own hands in the air like they do not care!

If you haven’t heard me say this before, I’ll say it again. I dream, dream of having a treehouse studio.

I say it here and now, people, it. will. happen.

And until then, I can admire spectacles like this. The treehouse ain’t too bad either. And yes, that IS a slide over on the back right.

…Note to self: SK studio treehouse must have a slide…

There were art installations all over the place, some interactive like this great mess of packing foam that was meant to be jumped on, sat on and flung all about. Er, at least I hope so.

There was also a great mini-golf course that included this amusing 3D model of the island. 

*The announcer loudly whispers into the microphone*

“Ladies and gentlemen, The Bub has conquered the course with a grand hole-in-one and is now contemplating the whereabouts of his golf ball.”

“Check the ball return, check the ball return!”

*The golf-clapping crowd goes wild!*

And there were many more pieces of all sorts of shapes, sizes and mediums, to be simply admired from both near and far.

It was a visual cornucopia of wonderment, with so many great things to see and take in.

When I first took this photo above, it was because I liked all the colored fabrics lashed to the tree and not because I had any clue what was going on…

…until, about 20 minutes later, when I gleefully watched this girl peddle by!

I mean, just look at this wonderful shape! A brilliant garment brought to life with the aerodynamics of bike riding. This sight made my day!!

Let alone all the others in bright oranges, greens, and blues that sped by. There were ten in this group, but I was too busy admiring them all in real time to get photos of everyone.

These bike-riding bits of magic were such fun and probably my favorite thing from this year’s Figment.

Oh, and I loved this sculpture too!

So, if you’re around and about NYC next summer, mark your calendars and get your bad selves over to Governors Island. Figment is a real creative treat not to be missed!

And now, good people, I recuperate.