Hangin’ Out in Chicago

Hello, good people!

Hot enough for ya? Don’t answer that.

I know this is only day two of crazy high 90-degree temperatures here and it’s too early to complain (you and I know it’s never too early to complain), but hey, when you’re moving around in a bleary-eyed, semi-conscious state in the roasting humidity, it’s worth mentioning, no?

Speaking of roasting…(how’s that for a tie-in; somebody high-five me!)…

…a few days ago, I got word that my roasted cauliflower recipe illustration is now hanging up in the Kraft corporate offices in Chicago. You may recall it was one of the six finalists in They Cook and Draw’s Kraft Challenge back in March.

Well, my good friends over at Kraft sent me a few photos of my recipe, hanging up in all its 7-foot wide glory!

How exciting is that?!?! YAY!!

It’s also currently being featured online here.

Seeing it kinda gives me a hankering for some roasted cauliflower now. But since it’ll feel like it’s 101-degrees here today, maybe I should skip firing up the oven and just haul all the ingredients outside and watch it slowly cook out in the open.

On second thought, a popsicle might be a better fix.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re up to today, stay cool, ducklings!