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  • Great Gotham: In Stores Now!

    April is just about over and my new Great Gotham collection is out and available in fabric stores now!  If you have a thing for New York City, taxis, transportation, maps, and who knows, maybe even epically-detailed pen + ink illustrations, Great Gotham just might tick all those boxes for you in one fell swoop. Fuggedaboudit! Insider fun fact: When […]

  • Couple O’ Quick Things

    I love illustrating recipes and maps. I wish I had more time to draw up more, but I’ve been lucky recently to create one of each for the great site They Draw and Cook (TDAC) and sister-site They Draw and Travel (TDAT).  First up is my recent set of three potato-centric recipes for TDAC: And […]

  • TDAT Shoutout (Right Back Atcha!)

    Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!  I was so tickled to see this recent e-shoutout from the lovely Nate and Salli over at They Draw and Travel… Ummmmmm, can I say a giant Y-E-S  P-L-E-A-S-E to a set of these cups? Seriously, somebody get on that stat, because I smell the perfect gift!!!!! Fine, I can give some to other people […]

  • City-Sanctioned Graffiti!

    I was recently researching things about Grand Central Terminal and came across this a-w-e-s-o-m-e bit of history.  From the  NY Daily News Archives, this 1961 photo shows a subway poster that was put up throughout Grand Central Terminal by the Transit Authority Panel to help passengers while away the time waiting for trains. Hello, it’s […]

  • DIY Subway Wall Art

    A year or so ago, after Spoonflower unveiled a custom decal printing option, I made up an entire alphabet based on the same look the NYC MTA subway system has. Why? Uh, hello, because my children love trains and love the subway, of course. Knowing we would eventually move, I stuck them up temporarily in […]

  • Contests & Me: A Brief History

    The other night I spied this AWESOME drawing contest Google is hosting for youngsters, and I thought, “Oh boy, I would have been A-L-L  O-V-E-R that back in the day.” If only I could Peter Pan myself and I’d be able to meet the age requirement. Because if you didn’t know by now, I’m one step short […]

  • Happy Holidays!

    We were checking out the Vanderbilt Hall Holiday Market at Grand Central Station earlier today, when we spotted a booth selling some really exceptional glass ornaments. Suffices to say, we did not come home empty-handed. Behold our newest ornament! A fun flashy fish hand-picked by The Bub. Maybe we’ll make an ornament addition to our tree […]

  • Figment 2012

    I’m totally wiped out (yeah, I know it’s Tuesday morning, but still) from a grand day out on Sunday to see Figment, an open-air art event that takes over otherwise-sleepy Governors Island for two days every year. It was logistically a bit hairy at times, with the whole family in tow and two ferry rides […]