Happy Valentine’s Day!

True to form, I left my Valentine’s Day gift brainstorming to the absolute last minute. Given the self-induced panic that having zero time created, my newly acquired grey hairs and I are quite thrilled with the outcome:


Ta-dah! A zippy take-along reusable tic-tac-toe game, complete with beanbag hearts and neon-stitched arrows to divide up the (reversible) board.

My current kick for neon is clearly still riding high. I can only assume it’s my personal midlife crisis grab, since I never really embraced it the first time around when I was a solid Tiger Beat stockholder.

I’m especially in love with my cupid arrow sew-sketching action, if I may say so myself. Making them is the sewing machine equivalent of doing parking lot donuts and any other manic DMV-unapproved back-and-forth gear shifting. I was just short of burning rubber and I highly recommend it. 

The kids love their Valentine’s pressie and that pleases me to no end; we’ve already played 20-something lightning rounds in the last half hour alone. I’m gonna need more coffee…

Happy Valentine’s Day!