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  • Trick-or-Treat Gesso Paint Can: Sewing Instructions

    Trick-or-Treat Gesso Paint Can: Sewing Instructions

    If you’ve been over to Spoonfower recently, you’ll have been introduced to my L’Artiste Paint Palette Halloween Costume: And now here in this post, you can find the sewing instructions for the accompanying L’Artiste Gesso Paint Can trick-or-treat bag! Because we can’t forget the candy collecting! Here’s how to assemble your very own: 1.  …

  • Halloween Recycle Craft Project! | Part 2: Rollie Bats

    Halloween Recycle Craft Project! | Part 2: Rollie Bats

    If you missed it the other day, I posted Part 1: Rollie Spiders, which is an alternative way to recycle these same plastic apple cartons I’ve been mildly obsessed with wanting to reuse. Suffice to say, I was very pleased to come up with not one but two ways to repurpose those darn things before…

  • Halloween Recycle Craft Project! | Part 1: Rollie Spiders

    Halloween Recycle Craft Project! | Part 1: Rollie Spiders

    For the Rollie Bat tutorial, go here. Rollie Spider fans, read on: For a very long time now, I’ve been pondering ways to reuse those plastic apple cases/carton/whatever they call them, that you buy you apples in from bulk stores like Costco. Ideally, I want the companies that supply them to take them back and…

  • Catch of the Day: Mermaid Tail Beach Blankets!

    Splish! Splash! I’ve got a fresh new DIY project out today over on the Spoonflower blog: my fresh-from-the-seas Mermaid Tail Beach Blankets!  There are not one but two fun design options to pick from and, get this, they both come in adult and kid sizes! Woohoo! Full rainbow gradient fun printed on a perfectly snuggly minky substrate,…

  • Check. It. Out. A little behind-the-scenes from my photo shoot for these great new temporary tattoos! I’m VERY excited for these to ship this summer!! (Plus check out how I can gaze dreamily out into space. Nailed it.)

  • Yeti Has Something to Show You

    Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Sewers! Drawers! Lend me your eyes, for I have created a foolishly fun DIY video you can now see here. It’s hosted by Yeti, who thanks you in advance for watching.:

  • Definitely an Annual Favorite

    I made this tree base cover three years ago and still get crazy excited to see it, which is saying a lot considering my fickle tendencies. Three years later and it’s now solidly an annual favorite of mine. The best part is how it makes the tree festive before and after real gifts are placed on…

  • Parfait of Awesome with Fresh Spoonflower Sprinkles

    You know that moment when seemingly disparate parts of your world collide together ever so sweetly into a unifying eureka mash-up? Just nod if you have no idea what I’m on about. Sip some coffee. I’ll explain. Stay with me here. As a designer, I like to think I make clear, conscious decisions about the…

  • Sew Adorkable: Author Excitement Alert!

    Ehem, a certain *somebody* got their advance copy of Sew Adorkable today!!!!!

  • Sew Adorkable: Almost Here!

    Have you seen my video clip for my new book of crafty fun, Sew Adorkable: 15 DIY Projects to Keep You Out of Trouble?  Well, now’s your chance! BAM!