Jean Knee Power ACTIVATE!

I think clothing manufacturers giddily laugh their greedy little heads off knowing that a pair of hole-y knees in otherwise perfectly good pants will surely yield more pant sales.

Well, that’s just rude.

Kids are going to wear and tear up their clothing anyway, we know. Got it. Understood.

But we also know that inevitably the knees are going to be the first thing to blow out. THE VERY FIRST THING.

Unless the crotch rips…but honestly if the crotch is the first thing that fails for you, I’d say no more karate chops with leg kicks to punctuate the air and no more hipster retro breakdancing at the prom.

Cut that out and your inseam should be safe.


I have patched up gobs of jean knees over the years. For myself and for friends who weren’t the best at hand-stitching. 

Wellllll, I got lazy not too long ago and ironed on these pathetic little blips of denim to a pair of The Bub’s jeans, in an attempt to extend their life just. that. much. longer.

But the hateful little things decided to unstick, curl and wrinkle themselves up in the wash and the jeans were basically useless again.

So as a last ditch effort to run out the Jean Clock and see if my child outgrows these pants before the knees explode again, I went for broke.


KA-POW! Take that jean manufacturers. Ha. Ha. HA!

Yeah, yeah, I know yellow wide whale corduroy is probably a foolish choice for knee patches, but you know what? I simply could not resist the awesomeness potential.

They may wear thin and/or get hideously dirty in a flash (pun intended), but they’re fun while they last.


And seriously, who can go wrong when your kid puts them on and tells you they help make him run FASTER!?!?!