WIP: Halloween Costume Beginnings

This is what happens when you completely sidetrack from everything else you’re working on and decide you need to get a headstart on at least one of your kids’ Halloween costumes while simultaneously using up fabric scraps that you basically hate. 

See, I’m that person that does not turn down a “Hey, I’ve got a bag of fabric you can have” offer. I’m almost always guaranteed to take it. And because of that, I have a lot of fabric that I’m not the biggest fan of but figure it’s perfect for Halloween costumes. Combine that with my never-ending quest to use up what I have before I buy new supplies and we have a formula for manic sewing.


Why manic? Because OF COURSE the total fabric I need to make this particular costume is greater than all the random offcuts I found. You know, because I don’t do things the easy way.

So once I gathered up what screamed out, “Hey, I’m ugly! Pick me, pick me!”, I gleefully hacked it into crude triangles and feverishly sewed everything together to make a new mottled fabric (improv piecing at its finest!).

What with seam allowances and zero measuring, I know I waved some quality yardage goodbye, but I was too far gone to stop. Like, crazy town too far gone. So I just kept my head down and slowly worked my way to getting what I needed to make this darned costume happen.


Stay tuned to see how I morph this into Mister Baby Pant’s third ever Halloween costume… and p.s., no, he’s not going to be a harlequin.