Lace Explosion

Do you ever make something and then, merely halfway through, you’re 100% convinced it’s completely horrid? All that time and material wasted and all you’ve done is make one gigantic pile of yuck?

Yeah well, that’s kinda where I thought I was headed when I took on the task of making a birthday present for a friend of the The Bub’s who is turning 5-years old.

In my continuing quest to use up supplies I already have, I decided to focus on some fancy lace my friend Rosanna had sent me last year. I’m not a lace person and up until now, I thought my only future opportunities to use it might involve musketeer costumes or an 80’s Prince-themed shindig. 

Knowing the birthday girl is very into frilly girly things and loves playing dress-up, I found my perfect opportunity to go hog wild with lace, lace and more lace. 

I made a bag. A lacy bag. I ran out of the first lace I was using. Then it started to look like a skirt. Then I got frustrated and almost quit entirely. Then I took a break and ate a couple of brownies I had just made. Then I came back and concocted a rose flower embellishment to nicely divide where the original lace ended and the second lace began. Then I finished sewing that second lace all the way to the top. Then I added handles and…




Done, and narrowly saved from complete disaster. So says I anyway. It’s SO not my taste at all and still edges on garish to me, but for a little 5-year old girly girl? It just might be a TOTAL DREAM COME TRUE.


I also had to go for the gold with the wrapping too… an unapologetic explosion of ribbons and bows coupled with the perfect card showcasing a fellow dress-up aficionado (so what if it’s a highly unenthused feline). 

Happy Birthday, Maggie! 🙂