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  • Lace Explosion

    Do you ever make something and then, merely halfway through, you’re 100% convinced it’s completely horrid? All that time and material wasted and all you’ve done is make one gigantic pile of yuck? Yeah well, that’s kinda where I thought I was headed when I took on the task of making a birthday present for […]

  • Experimentations of a Bag Lady

    I’ve been on a toy bag-making kick lately. It started before Christmas, and has continued into the new year. I know I’ve shown you this quick bag (which was inspired by this first bag)  and because I’m a bit of a tinkerer, I thought you might like to see this latest random batch, all of which […]

  • Celebrating Teachers

    I had a couple other things I wanted to post about before the holidays, but last Friday’s school tragedy has thrown me for a complete loop and I want to acknowledge that somehow first before posting again about other things. Finding out that 6-year old victim Benjamin Wheeler and his family were members of our […]