Must. Make. More.

I know I told you about a fairly recent obsession with making pants for my boys after I finally dove in and tackled making my first pair (following a paper pattern) a few months ago. 


Once that first pair was done, I was on a roll. I had tackled the elastic waisted front and thought I should attempt the flat front style next. 


The Bub demanded a pair be made out of some rainbow remnants he found in my stash. I love them; they’re totally him. They also keep reminding me of Mork & Mindy (maybe I need to get some suspenders for the boy) and rental clowns, who I’m not a big fan of, so I much prefer my son wear them.

This pair was better although I failed to line the stripes up nicely on the outer seams and that bugs when I look at them. Granted, I had *just* the right amount of fabric to make pants for him, no more, no less, so I’ll forgive myself a little for not nailing the streamlined details.

Learning. I’m learning.

So I upped the ante and made another pair of flat fronts, this time using a cherished tomato wide whale corduroy I had. 


I even spent extra time binding all the seams with more of that vintage tape I had gotten last summer at a local yard sale. I knew if I was going to make pants out of this juicy fabric that I wasn’t going to have ugly fraying bits inside.


Loves ‘em! The Bub loves ’em! 


They go awesomely well with his favorite color orange color and some swanky new red desert boots a friend brought back from Spain. Not to mention those bright orange socks.


The boy is stylin’.

I have no complaints about my sewing job on these. I’m thrilled with how they turned out. The only thing that might have been a good touch would have been to line them so he could wear them in colder weather. But, hey that’s no biggie.

So now with three pairs of pants under my belt (there’s a visual), I decided it was about time to a) make some pants out of my fabric, and b) make a matching pair for Mister Baby Pants.


I’ve stuck with the flat front pants as they look a lot sleeker and give a nicer fit. I’m also a big fan of the wider leg, which makes them really hang nicely.

And I matched up the pattern on the seams properly this time. Yessss.

Mister Baby Pants loves them too. He actually requests to wear them more times than not, barely giving me a chance to launder them.


(This picture just makes me laugh.)


And one more time, with shoes, lollipops and a t-shirt change.

They love them, I love them and I’ll be making more. Especially after being inspired by this interview and this review of Elizabeth L. Cline’s Overdressed

Have you read Overdressed? I haven’t yet, but am definitely in line with the philosophy that making your own clothing gives you a better appreciation for true quality and I hate the wasteful marketing manipulation that trends and poor quality create.

Ignore stinky short shelf life trends! Say NO to “fast fashion”!

Add to that, my excitement over Celebrate the Boy, and I’m on a path to make, make, make more of our own fun clothing. 

Good stuff!