Rainbow Twirl Skirts for Everyone!

I just posted something about this over on my Facebook page, but I couldn’t resist blogging about it real quickly here. I completely adore the fact that my Rainbow Twirl Skirt fabric kit has been so well received and loved by both young and old.

Here are two brilliant cases in point…

I mean, COME ON! Hello, how awesome is this?!

If you check out the kit itself, I provide additional printed yardage in the wider fabric offerings (this is the cotton sateen, I believe), and Hannah has totally used that to her advantage ever so fabulously, making not just a circle skirt, but a complete dress for this sweet little gal. 

I can tell you one thing for sure: the little girl in me would have l-o-s-t  m-y  m-i-n-d to have something like this to spin around in.

Simply adorable!

And for all the hot mamas out there, Dana, of Dots Diner fame, has also used that very same cut-n-sew skirt kit in her own ingenious fashion.

Check out this brilliant apron! I absolutely love how she’s transformed it into something perfectly twirl-worthy for any sassy grown-up gal to wear. Run over to Dana’s Etsy shop and see more photos of this one-of-a-kind beauty and to do some super-early-but-who-cares holiday shopping for yourself!

I totally LOVE both of these grand interpretations of my kit so much!

Yay, Rainbow Twirl Skirts for everyone!!!