Treasure Hunt Scores!

I got my treasure hunting fix last weekend and as is the case with such events, I came home with a curious collection of things.

A friend of mine (oh so easily) convinced me to go to an out of control nautical junk shop. I’m always up for an adventure like this, so hello, GAME ON!

I just had to remember to move carefully and watch where I stepped. I won’t point out that she broke something within the first 10 minutes of our being there. Phew! Haha, wasn’t me!!!! 😉

I think you can see the treacherous terrain we were up against. I was very glad I didn’t have a giant bag slung over my shoulder or else I’d have definitely sent something crashing to the floor.

There were intriguing things all over the place. Most were either not my taste (I should probably mention I have no particular interest in decorating anything with a nautical theme per se) or too big or too heavy, which would inevitably put into question the ol’, “do I really need that?”

But come on, just look at this magical dolphin statuette. I just wasn’t feeling kitschy enough to take it, but it’s hilarious.

And this guy was hilarious too. Maybe because he was hanging out with random figurines and glass ship lamps, maybe because he fully expressed my reaction to the overwhelming amount of things

I knew The Bub would enjoy something like this great fish chart, but it was huge, outrageously heavy and just felt like too much of a spur of the moment commitment I’d later regret.

So I set my sights on much smaller things, found a collection of goodies, bought ‘em and headed off to another of about five yard sales we unexpectedly encountered on some nearby streets.

The weather was gorgeous and being on a tiny island where you can see the sea at the end of every street and hear the seagulls as they flew through the crisp sky looking for lunch, well, that all just added to my treasure hunting euphoria. 

When it was all said and done, I came home with some cool bath toy boats, some hand held musical instruments, some vintage toy cars, trucks and vans (you know, because there aren’t enough of them at home that I’m not already tripping over) and probably most oddly, two original Beatles vinyl albums.

Why odd? Because I’m not a Beatles or vinyl collector of any sort. But they seemed to be screaming out to me at a buck a piece. They ended up being a good buy as the “A Hard Days Night” album has a misprint on the back cover, making it worth a couple hundred dollars. Not a bad thing to discover, eh!

So, want to see some of my very favorite finds?!? 

The old Kodak film canisters, soap tin and big safety pins came from various yard sales.

The old rivets kit, metal whistle, and pin cushion were all unearthed from the nautical junk shop. I know, total needle-in-a-haystack discoveries. I couldn’t wait to wash my hands after all that rummaging.

Check out this Amazing Scissors Sharpener, also from the junk shop. At about 2.5" tall, this little giveaway card is genius!

Hey, public relations design folks, take note, because this little thing is downright awesome and I’m convinced this cool concept should be revisited for modern promos. You can credit and thank me later. I’ll also accept royalty checks and fruit baskets.

I haven’t actually tried sharpening scissors with it yet, but I LOVE how it’s dually functional and promotional. 

I knew this embossed aluminum soap tin was mine when I saw it. I love the font and its overall simplicity. I’m not sure what exactly yet, but it’s going to house some sort of small supplies or notions of mine.

I spied this cute little red wooden chair from half a block away, as I approached another great yard sale. Perfect for Mister Baby Pants! Best part was seeing him crawl right up onto it and have a seat within moments of my bringing it home. I’m thinking I’ll leave it the way it is and maybe just repair the seat split and make a little seat cushion for it. Hmmm, maybe something with one of my new fabrics…<—stay tuned! 😉

Yay! A great day out and awesome scores. I love a good treasure hunt!