Sew Behind

I’m sorry that I’ve been remiss in posting recently. Especially with the current build-up to Holiday Season Central, I think I’m very likely to get unsuspectingly swept up into the undertow once again, but I’ll try not to. There are lots of things to do and I have a massive list of things I want (um, need?) to create.


Mister Baby Pants is now past the 18-month mark and well into 2-year old behavior which is not affording me too much free time at all. If things go silent for more than five minutes, I hop up from whatever I’m working on, as though my pants had just combusted into flames, and scramble to any of about five possible places he might be up to mischief.

Typically he’s fine and doing everything he’s supposed to be (like above, where he’s sitting across from me playing intently while I undo and resew and undo and resew a pair of pants for The Bub), but recently he’s learned to climb right up onto the dining table, and oh boy, what a joy that is!!!


Or I come across something much more magnificent. Yes, I should be highly impressed with his fine motor skills, but all I see is a crime scene. Good reason to implement a “Mittens Must Be Worn Inside at All Times” policy.

It’s a tad frustrating to feel like I’m not accomplishing a lot and that I’m being sabotaged left and right, but hey, it comes with the territory. Thus my documenting bits and pieces of it to show you. You know, so you can share my pain.

Stay tuned. I’ll soon be posting about those pants I mentioned I made (and undid and made again). Two steps forward, one back. Yay!  😉