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  • Must. Make. More.

    I know I told you about a fairly recent obsession with making pants for my boys after I finally dove in and tackled making my first pair (following a paper pattern) a few months ago.  Once that first pair was done, I was on a roll. I had tackled the elastic waisted front and thought […]

  • Sew Behind: Pants Edition

    I mentioned in my last post that I was making some pants. Yup, this is my latest fascination-obsession in the midst of everything else I’ve got going on. I know, I know. For all you professional sewing folk out there, this is really far from an interesting revelation, but in my world, it’s pretty key at […]

  • Sew Behind

    I’m sorry that I’ve been remiss in posting recently. Especially with the current build-up to Holiday Season Central, I think I’m very likely to get unsuspectingly swept up into the undertow once again, but I’ll try not to. There are lots of things to do and I have a massive list of things I want […]