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  • Sew Adorkable: Author Excitement Alert!

    Ehem, a certain *somebody* got their advance copy of Sew Adorkable today!!!!!

  • Crafting with Kids (and Actually Enjoying It!)

    When you look around the blogosphere for kid-friendly Valentine’s Day craft ideas (or any other theme, really), it’s hard not to lose your mind over things that, although pitched as being *great projects for little kids!!*, are in fact a total recipe for disaster.  A lot of the latest uber-crafting DIY standards seem to have […]

  • More Ways to Support Newtown, CT

    After posting yesterday about the wonderful Snowflakes for Sandy Hook project, I’ve uncovered a few other ways to show our love and support for the people of Newtown, CT. One of these projects just might be the perfect way to spend some quality family time together this weekend, so please consider contributing in any of […]

  • Unexpected White Paper Rose Craft Tutorial

    Here’s a step-by-step craft tutorial to create something, well, simply divine and oh-so springlike. You can thank me later. What you’ll need: 1 – potty-trained 3-year-old toddler1 – nursing 9-month-old baby1 – living room sofa out of direct view of the bathroom1 – bathroom within earshot1 – roll of toilet paper Let’s begin: 1. Toddler should […]