Tag: design work

  • Multiple Versions

    When I’m thinking about a theme to morph into a textile pattern, I usually stick with my first idea. That’s often best because I can all too easily come up with multiple concepts or styles to illustrate a subject (a good and a bad thing sometimes). Although only one of those ideas will typically see…

  • Scale is Comedy Gold

    Here’s another random amusing thing that caught my eye recently… I’d like to think that just like jumbo oversized foam checks, there also exist giant oversized tickets.  I’ll keep my eyes peeled to see if I can spot one in real life. You’ll do the same, ok? Ok! Go team, go! Let the hunt begin!

  • A Lil’ Print Work

    I know I often focus more on my textile design work and don’t always show you more of the other pies I have my fingers in. Oh the pies, there are many! So I thought I’d share a couple of little projects I recently worked on for the awesome folks over at FoodCorps. Don’t know about them? Well,…