Couple O’ Quick Things

I love illustrating recipes and maps. I wish I had more time to draw up more, but I’ve been lucky recently to create one of each for the great site They Draw and Cook (TDAC) and sister-site They Draw and Travel (TDAT). 

First up is my recent set of three potato-centric recipes for TDAC:


And for a recent TDAT call for maps that focus on the more creative and curious highlights of your city, I chose to dig deep into little-known New York City curiosities:


I know. Totally foolish. Just how I like it. But I’ll bet you didn’t know all of these things about NYC, did you? If so, get yourself a Big Apple Tour Bus job PRONTO! If not, you just might now be equipped to kick some major booty at your next pub-hosted trivia night.

1. Albert’s eyes? Yeah, a pretty shocking discovery to me too. A couple of sources claim they’re in NJ but most document them as residing somewhere in NYC. But who cares!?!? Either way, it’s totally and utterly bizarre and sad, in fact, considering this all went against his final wishes. I just wish I could find out which exact safety deposit box we’re talking about…

2. Sure, sure, by “tiny’ we might really mean "microscopic” and by “shrimp” we might really mean “crustacean invisible to the naked eye”, but who could resist illustrating these guys any other way than this? Talk about ultimate shrimp cocktail…

3. As for feeling gassy in church, NYC law states that a person is guilty of disruption or disturbance of a religious service, funeral, burial or memorial service “when he or she makes unreasonable noise or disturbance while at a lawfully assembled religious service, funeral, burial or memorial service, or within one hundred feet thereof, with intent to cause annoyance or alarm or recklessly creating a risk thereof.” Under the law, a fart could potentially get someone charged with a misdemeanor.

4. The Empire State Building has its own zip code, who knew? 5. Toilet paper was invented in NYC. I think a quiet collective whisper of “Thank you, Joseph, thank you” is in order right now, don’t you think? 6. Scrabble was invented in Jackson Height, Queens; if you’re ever in JH and you look around closely, you can even spot the street sign honoring Mr. Butts’ great contribution to many a family game night. 7. New York City was the first capitol of the United States, with George Washington being sworn in at Federal Hall. But you knew that, because you paid attention in U.S. History class, right. RIGHT?!?! 8. Air-conditioning was invented in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 1902…stay cool, hipsters, stay cool.

That concludes a couple o’ quick things and a little brain expansion for ya. Enjoy!